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TLarge bathroom with soaking tub and sit down vanityoday’s bathrooms have thrown off its previous function as a required room in our homes and evolved into a mini-retreat behind closed doors. Clients that are having their bathrooms renovated are going into the same level of detail in the bathroom as in any other room done to their homes.

People are eliminating the tub/shower combination unit and going for the super-shower – a shower
in the same space that used to fit the tub. These large showers can include a double bench, a rain showerhead, multiple sprays, and steam.

Different products are showing up in residential bathrooms that were only seen in commercial settings such as electronic faucets and the total toilet that does everything electronically, including wash and dry.

Natural colours and materials are important for bathroom renovations. Consumers are going back to earthy looks such as stone, matte textures, exotic woods, tumbled marble, and limestone. Comfort height toilets and heat mats installed under tile floors are also a favourite. Lots of natural light along with unique lighting fixtures are carefully considered.

Storage, in general, is important, whether its shelves, cabinets, niches for displays, or freestanding furniture, complemented with hardware that is clean and simple.

Ackard’s design team can provide you with unique ideas creating the bathroom you will love.