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Living and dining room open space with large windowsCorner windows not only improve natural light but add a stunning design feature to your home. These windows create an attraction from outside as well as inside. With the corner invisible, the glass flows through and you experience the sense of standing outdoors while still being indoors giving the illusion that there is more space inside.

Having floor to ceiling windows also creates the feeling that you are part of the outdoors. These windows eliminate barriers and produce a seamless visual delight bringing in an abundance of natural light. Architecturally they offer a contemporary exterior feature.

A consideration when adding new windows is allowing minimum space on the lower part of the wall to run electrical as needed. Corner windows should be mulled together so that it appears as one piece and the exterior finish used should make the window appear to be one unit. This is done by the metal cladding being the same colour as the window frame.

It is also very important to have desired views when deciding on the corner or floor to ceiling windows.
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