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Kitchen island with wine storage shelves - Home contractors Edmonton

The opportunities to create extra space in your home for storage are endless. Examples include pull out drawers built into stairs, folding ladders stored in toe kicks, desks or cabinets under a stairwell, slide out lazy susans to allow for easy access in kitchen corners, wall niches, or a spice cabinet built in the wall. Decorative columns can become a hidden pantry. Kitchen islands can have a nook area underneath for a built-in paper towel holder to free up counter space. Open unused space can be easily organized by adding shelves or drawers. Incorporating linen closets in open stairway landings are also useful. Using all space as efficiently as possible is worthwhile, but it also means extra costs to the homeowner. Special hardware may be required, and the extra time it takes to build and install custom units should be considered. The key to making decisions as to what you may want is that it has to be easy to use, convenient and practical.

Ackard’s design team can provide inventive and clever storage solutions for you. Contact us for expert designs and creative results you’ll love.