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Indoor wood oven with sink areaWhether renovating or building a new home, one of today’s trends see homeowners not just looking for comfort, but also health benefits in regards to product choices. Information on the selections that are available for consideration is readily accessible to today’s consumers.

Oil rubbed bronze finishings, cast bronze sinks, copper pendant lighting, and metal railings are examples of a very strong trend for this year. Clients appreciate the artistic design that these mediums of heavy metal bring to their homes.

Although there isn’t one winning colour, current trends show that light blues and greens are increasingly popular. Looking at design accents in magazines such as “home decor & RENOVATIONS,” or checking out retail stores that sell bath towels are ways to foresee what the hottest colours are or what is up and coming even before they are obtainable in the paint stores.

Building an outdoor wood-fired oven or having one installed in your home is part of a growing trend towards doing things in the old way. More than that, however, wood-fired cooking is about the experience – about slowing down, reconnecting with food, with nature and with others.

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