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What To Consider For Your Kitchen Renovation

What To Consider For Your Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen is a great place to gather. Whether it’s for a family meal, or simply mingling during a party; the kitchen really is the heart of the home.

Having a well-designed kitchen in Edmonton is necessary for a higher resale value. Homeowners in our area tend to see an 80%-90% return on their investment for upscale kitchen renovations. Even if you’re not planning to sell any time soon, knowing this often gives home owners the confidence to take that step and create the kitchen of their dreams.

So how do you get a major design and renovation project, like your dream kitchen started? That’s what this guide explores.


Next to walking into your newly renovated kitchen for the first time, daydreaming is many people's favourite part of renovating. There are endless possibilities on Pinterest to get you started. We also feature some truly luxurious kitchen reno’s in our portfolio.   

Ackard Contractors works with the most talented designers in Alberta. They love to look at your favourite inspiration pics to help you bring your vision to life. However, they also understand the importance of functionality(especially in a kitchen) and are happy to answer any questions to help improve your workflow in the kitchen.


For some, the budget is easy; you only have a limited amount of funds… sort of. Refinancing your home for renovations is a common practice, especially if you’ve built up home equity. Your lender can help you decide if a second mortgage, a HELOC or a secured line of credit are viable options for you.

Budgeting does get more complicated as the amount of work you’re doing grows. If you plan on moving your sink across the room, for example, you’ll need to add or reroute plumbing. Moving the electrical for the stove can be tricky as well. When you’re starting to budget the renovation, you may want to work backwards. Estimate your costs for appliances, lighting, flooring, counters, etc. This will help determine how much you have left over for reconfiguring.

Additionally, when it comes to budgeting, be sure to consider tear down and removal services. However, if you take your time with the removal, your old kitchen(including cabinets, counters, and appliances) can be donated here in Edmonton to Habitat for Humanity. Their ReStore professionals will take away old kitchens for free.


Redesigning and remodeling a kitchen can be hard work. Hiring a professional designer is one of the best things you can do to help. There’s a misnomer out there, that designers aren’t necessary, and cutting them out is ideal for saving money. The reality, however, is that good designers will save you more than they cost. A designer can help you set and stick to your budget. They have the experience to know what’s needed to make your ideas and inspiration photos a reality. Designers have connections to find your materials and décor for a better price. Plus, if the possibility of selling your home is on the horizon, they’ll assure your choices positively impact the resale value.


This guide is meant to help plan your kitchen renovation. There’s a lot to think about; planning a renovation this size, in a major location such as your kitchen can be stressful. Your contractors and designer, however, should eliminate most of the pressure for you. If you’re ready to get started, we’d love to help. Plus, booking a consultation is next on your to do list, anyway.


A good place to start is with an idea.

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