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Projects of Different Scale

Ackard welcomes the opportunity to help Edmonton families make their home special. We do all sizes of renovations, remodels and custom new homes. Regardless of size, Ackard is geared to handle it with speed, accuracy and a great price with Ackard quality.

SMALL - or specific projects

Renovations that may require minor structural changes are performed by Ackard’s SPD (Specific Project Division). Kitchen remodels, spa bathrooms, room re-purposing & updating (think mancaves, mud & laundry rooms, basement finishing) are popular projects.

MEDIUM - partial home re-creation

If your project requires structural changes — such as moving or removing walls — in part of your home, it will probably fall into our mid-range category. Kitchen remodels that are more than ‘resurface & replace’ to achieve an open concept often require changes to the adjoining rooms.

LARGE - transformations, additions & custom homes

There are many reasons people want to stay in their location and re-create their homes to suit their changing needs — a unique lot, mature neighbourhood, proximity to family or work. Custom Homes and total transformations , including additions and extensive re-working of existing construction are both competently orchestrated and completed with Ackard’s expertise and commitment to quality.


Impressive Exteriors

Renovated exterior finishes that bring new life to the face of your home.

bringing dreams into reality


Bring new life to the center of your family life.

comfortable living

Living Spaces

We know you have plans for your home, and we have the experience to bring it to the next level.

Staying in Your Home

Adaptive Living

As your life changes so does the needs your house maybe be able to provide. Ackard Contractors can create accessible spaces or comfortable aging in place renovations that fit the need of your family and lifestyle.

innovative materials

Creative Ideas & Finishings

Our ability to bring creativity to life is what sets us apart.


Specific Projects Division

Popular projects include basement finishing, spa bathrooms and kitchen remodels.

see our renderings

3D Renderings

Our 3D renders offer a clear understanding of the expected outcome for projects. Moreover, 3D renderings can be especially beneficial for more transformative renovation projects, as they help envision the proposed changes.


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