Commonly Asked...

We’re thinking about doing just our kitchen and maybe the bathrooms. Does Ackard do smaller renovations like ours?

Absolutely. Renovations that are straightforward and do not require major structural changes are welcomed by the Ackard Team. Our SPD (Specific Project Division) is geared to handle such projects with speed, accuracy and a great price with Ackard quality.

We’ve heard that Ackard is too expensive, or the most expensive. Is this true?

No. We are not the most expensive company in Edmonton. Our quality work just looks like it. Fair pricing for quality work is a long-standing Ackard tradition.

Do you have professional designers?

We certainly do. We have interior designers, space designers, kitchen designers, and designers for additions and whole home transformations. For creative concepts that amaze, we have the magic of Aqulino Naccarato for custom homes and complex renovations.

We don’t want to make a mistake! How do we know which renovation company to choose?

That’s a fair question. No one wants to make a mistake, pay more than they should, or worry about shoddy workmanship underneath the finishing. With Ackard, you don’t. Our pricing has always been fair and honest. Quality is Ackard’s pride and value. We’ll be here when you need us... as we have been for nearly 40 years.

We already have the plans for our dream home. Can we hire Ackard to build it?

Of course! We have a brilliant design team for custom homes, but we are happy to go to work with the plans you have.

We’ve noticed that some realtors advertise “an Ackard renovated home” on their listings. Why is that?

Realtors tell us that Edmonton couples recognize the Ackard name as synonymous with quality and it helps them sell the property faster and/or at a higher price. Based on that, it seems that an investment in Ackard for your renovation needs is money well-spent!

What if we are interested in SMART Home technology?

The convenience, security and money-saving benefits of SMART technology have caught the attention of many homeowners. Our in-house SMART enthusiast Remi Plamondon (Master Electrician) will consult with you at the early stages of your project to develop the system and features to serve your needs.

Have a question not answered here?

We would be happy to discuss your questions or custom home/renovation needs.